Looking for an Airbnb mastermind and/or mentor with 30 plus units

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My partner and i run an airbnb management and we currently have 18 units we manage. We are outgrowing our systems and we would like to find a mastermind or mentor that has effectively and efficiently run or is currently running 30 plus properties. We have taken some courses and been in a few masterminds but we feel like we are outgrowing the systems available at our level. Most courses we have seen only give you enough info to get started and were past that step at this point. It seems as though everyone we find is in the 20 unit or less range and we all use similar systems or just manage to "make it work" with hard work. We are having a hard time finding someone who runs a larger operation that is willing to help. We are willing to pay for the coaching if the value is there. 

We just added STR unit #46 to our management roster, I would be happy to help! The key for us has been to constantly re-design, and re-build systems as we hit new levels of scale. Shoot me an email about what you had in mind for coaching/mentoring, and I think we can work something out. Cheers!

Hi, I have 30 properties that I manage by myself (while spending 90% of my time finding new deals, building relationships, and closing on a new partnership with a large financier), and would be happy to coach you.  I'm pretty confident that the strategies I offer will make your life significantly easier.  Feel free to reach out.