Are you a short-term rental management company?

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Hi BP community!  My business partner and I started a short term rental management company at the tail end of 2018 and are looking to connect with others who work in this space as sort of a mastermind to bounce ideas off of.  We've hired on full time VAs, part-time cold callers, account management and accounting.  All the stuff you don't learn how to do in a course but slowly figure out if you're building a full time business in this industry.  We're not looking to sell or promote anything.  We want to connect with others in this space who have at least 10 properties that would like to be a part of our monthly virtual meetup.  Please reach out if you're interested.

You could say that I manage my own STRs.  23 of them, 83 beds.  My renters are travelling workers doing short term specialty labor jobs at a refinery.  There another guy on BP that does the same thing in Louisiana.  Other than the 2 of us, I don't know of anyone else that rents specifically to refinery contractors.

Refinery contractors are big burly guys that drive a jacked up 4x4.  They have neck tats and chew tobacco in their sleep.  They smell like diesel fuel and burn through dollar bills like a 21 year old lottery winner at a strip club.  If you saw one in an aisle of Wal Mart, you'd skip that aisle.  I'd punch him in the arm and say "What's up mofo?"