Window AC units in STRs

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Does anyone own a large-ish house with window A/C units? 2 questions: 1) Is your power bill super expensive compared to central A/C?, 2) anyone tried to use a "window A/C wifi controller" / "window A/C wifi adapter" that lets you control each of the window A/C units from your smartphone, so you can lock the A/C into a specific range, turn it off when the unit is empty, etc, etc? I know many people use wifi thermostat for CENTRAL A/C, not sure if anyone's using the kind that you can connect to window A/C units.

To be clear, I am NOT talking about replacing ALL of the window A/C units with WIFI-enabled window A/C units (that is quite expensive to do!!). I'm talking about taking regular NON-WIFI window A/C units and plugging each of them into a wifi adapter that you then plug into the wall. Something like this:


I have a 3 story STR house. There is central air on the 1st floor plus an 18k btu window unit. The 2nd floor has 3 window units totaling 32k btu. 3rd floor has a 12k portable unit. I think my highest electric bill was around $700-$800 for a month. I was charging $1200 a week for the place at the time. That doesn't really answer your question, but I just consider electric bills another part of doing business.