What does everyone do for maintence DIY, handyman, contractor?

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I found mine of Craigslist many many years ago. He is my goto guy for work where a licensed person is not required. (HVAC, electrical rewire etc)

We start our projects by a small to large renovation so most items are fully functioning and/or new when we start. That being said, things break! We've had fair luck by getting new handymen from apps such as "handy" which we "test" handymen out and then pull the directly into our fold if we are impressed. I would suggest letting some handyman that you find do a small job (one that you might have completed yourself) and gauge if the quality, responsiveness, reliability is what you're expecting (a trial run per se). 

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How do you go about finding a handyman? Should they be licensed if working on your rental property? 

What success have you had, looking for ideas? 

I just went through my phone. 18 handymen. 

I just save them as “Jim Handyman town A” “Joe Handyman town B” because I’m in multiple markets. 

I use Google and YouTube to fix everything.  I'm handy, but I gladly pay $75 to a plumber whenever the main sewer line is clogged and they need to run a snake.  It's a real shiffy job and I like my hands clean.

@Cathy Horner

I am a licensed and insured contractor that primarily works for investors these days.

Personally, I would never hire someone from Craigslist. Ever.

And yes, I would make sure they are licensed and insured.

@Cathy Horner I always go take a look myself first and attempt DIY if I think I can do it. 90% of the time it takes me less than 30 minutes. If I can't do it I have a list of contractors (plumber, electrician, paint/drywall...) That I call. I've been burned by unlicensed handymen in the past, even those referred from a friend.


I ask everyone for referrals who I have had any contact with in my areas. My amazing realtor @averycarl, @lucascarl, title people, mortgage people, cleaners, neighbors, and even other contractors we have hired to work on properties. Contractors know other people they have worked with that do good work and they usually do not mind referring them. Especially if it is a job that they are not interested in, or have the time, to do. That being said, some markets are easier to find reliable people in than others. So, we keep trying.

As for licensed, it depends on the job. Wiring for a hot tub-yes. Leaf blowing-not at all