Who knows what these are, and what am I doing with them?

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I believe that @John Underwood is pretty close. The appear to be Radon detectors. Specifically Single Gas Detector. They can be used for various things like hydrogen sulfide.

They are in a basket which hold stuff, on a counter where you set stuff, just before using the hand sanitizer to clean your hands. :)

@Michael Baum @Brendan Curley are both correct.  They are called "sniffers".  They detect Hydrogen Sulfide gas.  The gas is a by product of petroleum refining.  One breath can kill a person.  Even in dilute quantities, one sniff will render a person unable to smell the gas and they can succumb in a minute or two.

All my tenants wear these, and some of them leave them behind in their STR.

So what is my purpose for keeping 3 of them in a basket?

@Paul Sandhu H2S monitor! I used to work in a oil & gas processing plant and had to wear one. I’m guessing you have them in case your tenants lose their’s. I used to always misplace mine and they are not cheap if you have to pay for them out of your pocket.

That basket is where contractors empty their pockets before taking a pre-access drug screen to get into the refinery.  A lot of contractors have never been in this town.  The H2S monitors are a conversation starter towards the STRs that I rent out.  They say "Did someone leave those behind?"  I say "They left them behind in one of my 23 houses.  I have 1500 regular people that stay in my houses when they come here to work.  It might be 4 weeks, 4 months or 4 years before they come back.  They get their monitor when they come back.  Why are you paying more money to stay in a dinky motel room when you can spend less to stay in a house where you can cook and do laundry?"  Then I give them a pen or calendar.  Tell them I have no vacancy right now but to call me the next time they come here to work.