TurnoverBnB app anybody use?

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Anybody use this app or have heard of it? Seems like it might make life a lot easier with automating the communication between turnovers with your cleaners.

@Joey Morea

Turnoverbnb is only free for one property. 

Your calendars have their own URLs. Create your cleaner a Gmail if they don’t already have one, and cut and paste the calendars into google calendar. Cleaner can do this for unlimited clients besides yourself and none of you will ever have to think about it again. And it’s free. 

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I have mine synced to a gmail calendar like Lucas mentioned. It is easy to do. He is running 5 or so properties this way so if it works for him then that is the way to go for multiple properties.

I use Turnoverbnb. It's actually how I found my cleaner. The fees are small and I prefer the peace of mind it gives me. We operate 2 STR and I hate the Google calendar integration. When someone books w/ TBNB, my cleaner accepts the turnover so I know he's seen it and will be there. I also get notices when he starts and completes cleaning, which means less communication is needed if someone wants to check-in early. And the app also processes payment once he's done cleaning and provides an invoice so all that is hands-off for me. Now, my cleaner is amazing but the app has also made the whole turnover process truly automated--especially the payment piece.

@Joey Morea My cleaner does it for free, plus I get to sleep with her.  I'll text her when I know someone is moving out, and she'll coordinate the rest.  If anything is broken, she'll text me and I'll get it fixed.