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Does anyone have experience using Tokeet? I am considering switching from AirGMS to Tokeet as its:

1) allows for pricing changes

2) has a direct booking engine

3) has all the basic features needed (universal inbox/ calendar, integrates with the big 3

4) Seems to have good integrations (mailchimp, pricelabs, etc.)

Any thoughts?

ownerreservations is good. i converted to midterm rentals, but i was a subscriber. A lot of people on several forms highly recommended it so I tried it. They also have a hosted website which pull from all the settings you add. Highly recommended you have a website.

I think you mean the big four. Airbnb, VRBO,, FlipKey / TripAdvisor

you can get a lot of reviews on things like this at type the product name into the search.

there are a lot of things involved with this, I wouldnt just jump into something without understanding what I am doing.

all of them will have a serious learning curve. It isn't just point-and-click.

Agree with you-- definitely good to do a full spec comparison with demos.  Good to look into their CEO and team as well.  I see Tokeet is located across many countries with a concentration in Pakistan whereas VReasy is mainly out of Barcelona.  Ive heard Tokeets customer service isnt the best, but they have a lot of functionality for the price.  I will do demos with all of them and see which fits our needs best.  Currently looking at Tokeet, VReasy, and Hostfully.

Finally a subject I feel confident enough to talk about!

I can't tell you how it compares to airGMS but it definitely does better than Guesty for the price. I used Guesty and some other standard hotel management programs in previous jobs. Tokeet does pretty much everything Guesty did if you've used that one before.

1) It allows for pricing changes, it does "pushes" to your listings on all the different accounts you have whenever you adjust them. I believe it's instant, but don't quote me on that.

2) Yes - they have a website builder (which I don't use) and also a widget that you can embed into a website (I use this on my wordpress site). It works fine, has an availability calendar widget and other rental data widgets too.

3) It has all the basic features, yes. Lots of calendar view options too, it's nice. It also integrates with the major listing websites, and then some not so major ones too (with API connections).

4) I don't use anything anymore besides Stripe paymnts for my direct bookings, but it integrates with a bunch of stuff - you'd have to check on their website though. I know they do the two you listed (mail chimp and pricelabs). I was using pricelabs but they came out with their own rate automation add-on app so I've been using that instead...way cheaper, way easier.

I would say give it a try, maybe just make a trial account and mess around with it to see if you like it before cancelling the other.

Originally posted by @Julie Groth :

@Chris Peters Why do you like Tokeet over Guesty?

 Hi Julie - I think one of the main reasons is the price points, guesty was taking a percentage of our earnings along with fees, which was pretty frustrating when we did the math. Tokeet has a sliding scale of flat fees so it worked out much better. I guess the other reason I prefer them to Guesty is because of how much they have in common, feature wise. Tokeet even edges them out there i think, they keep releasing new feature add-ons that i haven't seen anywhere else

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