Smoky Mountain Cabins - Holiday bonus for house keeper / vendors

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Does anyone in the Smoky Mountain area give their house keeper a Christmas bonus? If so, how much. My house keeper is great and gets fantastic reviews.  What about other vendors?  And what about a raise for the new year?

@Walter Franey I think a Christmas bonus or gift is a nice gesture of appreciation, especially since they do a great job for you. I intend to do that for my housekeepers this year (I didn't last year mostly because I procrastinated too much).

I don't have other vendors I use frequently enough to consider a gift.  As for a raise, my housekeepers set their own rates, I am not going to dictate their rates to them.  (I've told them they SHOULD raise their rates, but so far they haven't taken me up on it!)

When I had nannies or cleaners I gave them a bonus of what would be a weeks salary at the beginning of December so they had it to spend for their family for Christmas.

Bonus should be equivalent of one turn per property they clean, or a minimum of $100. I would say this is not market specific unlike the title of this thread. Which means someone in Coffeeville owes his housekeeper a nice bonus this holiday season.

I’m from a small town in Texas and we have lots of little shops that make delicious homemade food items and my housekeeper loves Buc-ee’s. Lol. So I’m going to put her together a gift basket of items from here and take it to her when we go spend Christmas at our cabin.

For those who have never been to a big Buc-ee’s gas station, you must make a stop at one if ever in Texas or if you’re lucky enough to get one of the few they are building outside of TX.

I also give my housekeeper a small bonus every time a guest checks that the house was sparkling clean in their review.

In a few days I'll take my housekeeper to Kansas City for the weekend to watch a Chiefs football game.  I'll take her out to dinner then sleep with her.

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