Questionaire for Guests

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Yikes! I've got my Airbnb listing up and have some bookings and inquires. Kinda jumped the gun because I don't know what I'm suppose to ask them (to vet them in some way). And, don't know what I should tell them besides the lockbox code # and check-in time.

Any help here is much appreciated!

Don’t vet them you’ll drive yourself nuts. Do your best to make sure they're not too young and they're not trying to slam extra people in your house but other than that just book them and take the money! 

As far as lock box codes and addresses that's an entirely different long conversation. That is one of the templates you'll be sending to every guest. they shouldn't get this info until 2 days before arrival. 

@Lucas Carl. You meant to say 'vet' correct? Are there any things that raise red flags for you, like one night stays or locals where they might be throwing a part? Or, someone under age? I'm concerned about those 2 things mostly.

If you require a Drivers License then you can confirm who is staying at your place and that they meet your minimum age.

My Vrbo guests are good about sending this with out me asking separately. I tend to have to make a separate request to the Airbnb crowd.

Originally posted by @Julie Groth :

@John Underwood So you just ask for a copy of their driver's license?

 Yes, it has never been an issue from anyone to supply this.

I stayed at Vrbo in myrtle Beach one time and they asked me for this. I thought it was a good idea to do myself.

I tell them not to let any stray animals in the house, strays have fleas.  Not to put indoor furniture out on the porch, I'll get a ticket.  Don't park on the grass, they'll get a ticket.  In one particular house (3 story, 4 bath, 8 beds) I tell them to keep it clean otherwise they will experience some unpleasant paranormal activity.

i dont vet. you cant do it on a way, I think it is mostly a false comfort. The reality is, there's almost never a problem you can drive yourself crazy and you may not even be able to find these problems anyway.

I set age minimum to 23.  I charge $100 for extra guests to try and deter people from  bringing more than 6. But yeah, I don't think about it a whole lot. 

Hey @Julie Groth , I do a call to each and every guest to get a feel for them. I don't auto book anyone. It doesn't drive me nuts. :)

I have a $500 deposit, 25 year old minimum, minimum 3 day stay. That really trims down any possibility of getting a bad guest.