Miami laws for Airbnb

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Hello All - I’m not looking for legal advice just looking for some tips on this topic. I can’t really find any solid information on the laws.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! Just some background on what I’m in the process of airbnbing: I have a guest house in my backyard of my primary residence. The property is not located in Miami Beach (where I know the laws are rather strict), but rather in Silverbluff Estates. 

Not sure what your question is. If you need info on your local laws check with your county. Maybe code enforcement office. Also try google.

assuming you are referring to SilverBluff in the Miami City limits. Couple months ago when I spoke to zoning last this was a fluid subject, AND, they said that the properties can be rented short term IF they are MFRs that allow lodging - so most likely not legal and please call Miami Zoning Department to double check.

Thanks for your response @Malgorzata Sadowska . Can you please let me know what you mean by "MFR"?

Also, I was able to do a little more digging and found the below links on short term rentals. My property is located in an incorporated area as my folio # begins with "01". As such, I do not need to apply for a certificate of use. Though I am unsure of the Florida license requirement as technically I am renting a single room, but it is detached from my property (guest house). For this reason I would assume that since it is still technically a room of my house I do not need to apply for a license, but maybe my thinking is wrong. The property is a legal duplex of which the guest house is not considered a unit. Let me know your thoughts in your professional opinion. Besides this the only other requirement would be to register with the Florida Dept. of Revenue. I plan to give Dade county a call tomorrow on confirmation for each.