Lease the house and Airbnb the room

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Hi @Vee Chou , welcome to the BP Forums!  

This is a great strategy! In my opinion the best way to find a landlord willing to do this is to be willing to pay a slightly higher-than-listed rent rate OR simply by asking. This will be most possible on owner-listed properties, since there is not a middle-person to ask this question through.

Whichever way you go, up-front and honest communication is a key here.  I do not mind at all when my tenants (who have asked in advance) Airbnb their extra space.  It's thrifty, it's efficient, and it's going to fail unless they are cleaner and more respectful than average so who would have an issue with that? :)

Hey @Paul Sandhu , you know how I feel about arbitrage but this is a little different. At least he will be living there vs just leasing and doing arbitrage.

@Vee Chou , can you afford the rent on the place without doing anything? If so then this could be a way to mitigate your rent and maybe make a bit of dough. Just make sure you can afford to pay for the whole thing without guests.

When people (like a married couple) want to go somewhere on vacation, they want a little privacy to do intimate things.  Sometimes those things can get kind of noisy.  Having your landlord in the next room would leave a person flaccid.

Originally posted by @Michael Baum :
Or not...depends on your proclivities. :)

If it is the "not" crowd, he could market it to senior citizens.