Cable providers for str in sevierville

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It depends on where in Sevierville you are.  You are likely only going to have one provider "Con cast" or Charter, both of which are pretty sorry outfits.  Any time you have an issue, you'll spend an hour searching for a phone number that they've buried somewhere deep in their website.  When you do finally reach someone, it will be "Chris" from Bangladesh, who is fresh off of his 2-hour English course.  Always a delight though.  His favorite word is "unfortunately".  

You might also see if there are alternative internet providers where you can get TV through the internet.  

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It will be one or the other not both. If they both say no you’re stuck with dish and fake Internet. This isn’t likely but it does happen.

We can’t get any cable or internet at all three of our cabins. We just have dish for TV. Looked into satellite internet but it’s stupid expensive and it seems to bring more problems than its worth.

Still trying to get companies to go out and look at getting me internet since all three are on the same street.

If you do go with Dish, call the local office in Sevierville. They did it for less expensive and much faster than when I just called and set it up through the 800 number for Dish.