How to setup secure WiFi in my Airbnb

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Hi all,

For Airbnb's fast Internet is a must. I just got a new property that I'm fixing up and prepping as an Airbnb and I was able to get Blazing fast Fiber from AT&T. It came with AT&T's default gateway/router. I have an August smart lock and will have a smart tv.

How do I secure the WiFi so that guests don’t get in my admin settings or do anything illegal that can get me in trouble?

The default admin username and password is probably printed on the back of your router. It's usually admin & password.  Log in, then switch the password to something of your liking.  I suggest "MattBortonIsKing".

It should be as simple as logging into the routers web interface and changing the password. A quick google search shows the typical IP address for an AT&T router as

Type this into your web browser when you're connected to the wifi, and you'll be able to login. I think the default password is "attadmin." If not, it is probably on the router somewhere (normally the back or bottom).

If they can access your wifi from any password you provide what extra are you afraid of them doing with your admin password?

The worse case scenario is they change the password so that other people can't access it, but a simple reset of the router will fix that.

You have a rental agreement so if they do something illegal they can be held responsible.

I would not worry about changinging your admin password.

@Matt Borton Congratulations on your new Airbnb. We just switched two days ago to AT&T ‘s high speed fiber internet. We have successfully used August Smart with our slow and expensive Hughes Net 2.4 g Internet. The problem we encountered was that August apparently cannot hook up to the more powerful 5g.We spent yesterday working with August support staff only to be told to call att and ask them to set us up on a 2.4 g network. Why? They can’t function on a 5 g network.  We replaced our two year old  smart TVs and installed newer larger smarter TVs. The internet is awesome now but we still haven’t fixed that August problem. We were able to name the network the name of our cabin and the password is not as clever as nancyisboss but it’s real easy anyway. The technician told me they’d go after the guest if anything illegal or funny was associated with our account, because we’d direct them to that guest be passed on time day stamps. 

Hey @Matt Borton , I would change the admin PW/Name and call it good. Our router is out in the open, zero issues.

@Nancy Bachety , does the router not have the 2.4ghz radio? I would be very surprised if it doesn't. It just need to be turned on and configed for use with the August.

@Michael Baum Finally reached an ATT tech support. He told us it does, and we'd find it listed on a device. We left town so it'll have to wait and the automated messages won't be sent to the guests. The August tech, who does this all day long, didn't think of that. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't use August but their automation with ABB makes it simple, when it works.

@Nancy Bachety I spent literally 3 hours on this at one of our places once. I found a random small hack like 3 pages down a message board and it actually worked. Text me and I’ll walk you through it!

How do I secure the WiFi so that guests don’t get in my admin settings or do anything illegal that can get me in trouble?

If you want wifi router you would need to lock it up, separate SSID from the rest of your hardware make sure it can't reach anything else. The issue resides in the fact that you need to have some level of trust (You are letting these people use your house). 

The other issue is that they will still have physical access to your lock and TV

Some routers have a Parental Controls feature or web site blocking feature that allows you to restrict access to various web sites using keywords.  If you have concerns of them doing anything illegal, you could always enable those features to help minimize the possibility.