Pull Out Couch / Futon for STR

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Lazyboy has quality furniture.

I have a basic futon that has a solid wooden frame with a inexpensive futon matress and a washable zip off cover. It provides extra seating or extra sleeping. It folds out to a full size bed.

I have a Basset USA made pull out sofa. Works great. Zero issues. I highly recommend that you stick with American made hideabeds. I haven't seen a mechanism break on one.

As far as futons go. They are all over Craigslist for $50 or less. Sometimes free. Just get a new cover and go. Stick with the wood. Easy to repair and refinish if necessary.

We have one in the master nook area. It is used as a couch most times, but it is great for toddlers used to a bed that can sleep in the same bedroom as mom and dad. I have slept on it when I go to check on the house in the off season. Not bad.