Bunk Bed Experiences?

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I fell out of one of these bunkbeds during a pheasant hunting trip.  8 guys and 3 dogs shared the room for a weekend.  

We have twin over full in one of our STR condos. Pain in the *** to make but very functional and kids love them. Important tip if you do: NO ceiling fan in the bunk room!

We have 2 wooden ones. Kids love em. Like @Doug Pintarch said, they can be a PITA to make. All twin.

One thing that helps with making them is getting a light weight mattress. All of ours are Northwest Bedding made right in Spokane. They are for bunkbeds so the are quite lightweight but comfortable for an adult.

Also, make sure the beds are 250lb upper rated. That way adults can sleep up there with no issues.

Here's the queen over queen bunk beds in one of our STRs... it's been a hit for multiple families with kids.  The kids all pile in there and play video games on the tv.  The beds are pretty solid, but they do need to have the nuts all tightened up occasionally.  


I have wooden ones in my STR. After one season my cleaner has suggested to reinforce the beds with plywood. My queen bed frame was cheap metal and was falling apart. She replaced it with a sleigh bed frame for $200. Find indestructible stuff for your units. New mattresses, linens, and towels but the rest can be gently used.