BNB Mastery Program

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Has anyone paid for the BNB Mastery program recently? I’ve seen a few older posts where the course seemed to be shorter and cheaper. They’re wanting to charge almost $2k to learn how to manage other people’s Air BNB’s.

Have you taken it? Was it worth it?

I third the opinion that the 2k is a rip off when the information is available for free. Read through this forum.

Also unless you are a licensed PM you shouldn't manage someone else's property. Start buying your own so that you can build wealth instead of just creating a job for yourself.

Read his ^^^ posts.  And Luke Carls, Michael Baums and Julie McCoys.  Don't read any of mine.  They are all horror stories.

@Garrett Mathison the real problem is that they’re teaching you to arbitrage which was all the rage like 5 years ago and is a job. Might as well work at Best Buy. Buy the property if you want real wealth! It’s easier than you think :)

And I agree. Read this forum ❤️❤️