Looking for Advice on ADU STR on CA Primary Residence Property

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Hello BP Community -

I have a cool old barn on my 1.5 acre primary residence property in a highly-sought after Southern California vacation town. I am thinking about renovating it and using it as a short term vacation rental - rent it out to create positive cashflow on our property overall. Does anyone have any experience with this scenario?


I think that is a great idea. Should make for a great experience. I'd try and still with a theme when decorating. Search (Google) for similar properties across the country for ideas. 

Maybe have a loft area with extra bedrooms?

Make sure that this will be legal and properly permitted before sinking money into it.

@Duncan Winecoff I don't have any personal experience, but I've been doing a lot of research into building unique properties to turn into a STR. I keep coming across one in particular in my area, Ohio, that your post made me think of. It's been in tons of blogs, articles, and such because it's one of the top STR's in the state. It's an old converted barn on a property that I think the owners live in.

Look up "magical barn amherst ohio" and you'll see what I"m talking about. It's a bit much, but prooves the concept in a way. The trick with this sort of thing seems to be to make it really unique. No generic white cabinets and grey paint, but make a space that only exists in one place, your backyard!