Why does my CL ad violate their TOS?

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Every now and then my daily CL ad gets removed and I get an email that it violated their TOS.  In some of the backgrounds of pictures there were T's and A's.  Someone from CL deleted the pictures but kept the ad up.  When I post new ads, I don't upload any of those pictures.  But here is the body of my ad.  What violates CL TOS?

Furnished houses and apartments for contractors with a per diem. Full kitchens with all appliances and utensils. Washer and dryer. Cable tv in every room. Smart HDTV in living room. They come with all supplies. You just need to bring you personal items, clothes and groceries; everything else is there. Larger houses have 2 refrigerators, 2 washers, 2 dryers. Have rented to about 1800 CVR Energy contractors in the last 8 years. See the list of their companies below. 

If a motel room is your standard of living, you have low standards and no value of money. That is your problem. Stay in a motel room with your low standards and problems. Don't call me. I do not want to rent a house to you and your problems. Go stay in a motel. Be around other people like yourself, people with problems and low standards. Don't call me.

If you have no problems and want to stay somewhere bigger and better than a motel room that costs less money, I want to rent you. Cook your own food, do your laundry, have more space than a motel room. You are smarter and have more class than the average refinery contractor. I want to rent to you.

I rent my 23 furnished houses to working men with a per diem. Houses and apartments are $200 per week for each bedroom in the house. You and your friends/co-workers are renting the whole house. You are not renting a room. They are decorated like Hugh Hefner's mansion.

New for 2021, all houses now have indoor plumbing and an outdoor cat*. Feel free to take outdoor cat* with you when your work is done here. Really, I mean it. Take the cat* with you. I'm up to my ears with outdoor cats*.

*Outdoor cat may be substituted by stray dog, rabbit, squirrel, flock of pigeons, coyote**, bobcat** or fox**.
**Coyote, bobcat or fox only at apartments, not at houses. Good luck catching one to take home with you.

OMG that ad is so amazing that I want to rent from you. Unfortunately, I don't think I meet your standards as I truly don't appreciate the Hef's decor style. The only think I can see that might violate fair housing is "working men"  you could change to contractors, refinery workers or "working men and women." I could probably catch a squirrel but I really want the fox. Would you catch it for me?

Originally posted by @Lauren Kormylo :
I think I mentioned it before, but it says you only rent to men.  Change it to "I rent my 23 furnished houses to workers with a per diem."

 How about "I rent my 23 furnished houses to traveling workers with a per diem"?

I can count on one hand the number of working women I've rented to.  The remaining 1800 are men.

“Contractors with a per diem” could also be interpreted as families/kids won’t get rented to. I’m not sure how many contractors bring their wife and kids with them, but suspect it isn’t many if they’re living in motels.