EV Charging Station for a STR

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I'm considering putting a charging station in my STR. I don't have an EV so I'm a bit unfamiliar with exactly how these operate or liabilities that they create. My fear is that if my charging station somehow causes damage to a renters vehicle then I've just opened myself up to liability. Maybe this is an unfounded fear though. Does anybody have experience in this arena they can share?

David, is there really enough people driving EVs to your STR to make it worth it? I wouldn't think you could really charge that much more per night for having a charging station? Plus, you'd have the extra incurred cost of electric.

Maybe not. It's something I'm weighing out. The market in east TN is starting to get more and more competitive so I'm just trying to think of all the amenities that would set my cabin apart. The upfront cost seems relatively small so this is an idea that I thought of but wanted to gather some more information before making a decision. We're in the process of building still so its not a current cabin where I can look through historical data to see what kind of vehicles have been driven there. 

I've heard $6,000 is an average for the charging station and installation. Doesn't really matter because it's a feature that less than 2% of the entire population will care about. It's probably closer to 1% if you're outside of So-Cal.

I think if you're going for the Level 2 high end model you could pay around the $6k mark. I'm looking at a Level 1 charger that will have an easy install since we're still building and wont have to spend extra time fishing wires or anything like that. I've been told to expect somewhere around $1,000. As for the demand somewhere around 70% of all EV drivers earn 100k+ which is the demographic that my cabin is designed for. I don't think people will necessarily book the cabin for this plug in. But if they are weighing options between mine and another nice cabin, it could provide the incentive needed to push them to book my cabin over a competitors. 

@David Hughes

I think an EV charger is a good idea. As an EV owner I search for places that have this amenity as it’s incredibly convenient being able to charge while you sleep. I travel a decent bit for work and I intentionally pick hotels that have charging available.

As for safety, as long as it’s installed correctly there is little to no risk. I’ve never heard of a charger causing any issue.

Tesla sells their level 2 chargers for around $500. Well worth it.


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Never owned an ev but has any ev owner ever put a charging station in their own house? If they do not have them in their own houses, why would they pay extra to have them in a rental? And can't they simply use a normal outlet to charge?

I’ve actually had discussions with my electrician on some of our redevelopment projects. It could be another source of income in future. My guess is probably 10-15 years down the road. Imagine if the apartment complex offered charging @ a lower rate to its tenants as oppose to going to a public charging station.

Think about it. We all have used shopping apps to buy cheaper gas 😜.

Sf might night work. It will definitely work in parking lots of inner city older complexes where tenant can not plug their car into their apartment outlet.

Cheers and good luck

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@David Hughes based on your posts...if the structure is open enough, have it roughed in for future. Nothing wrong with having the wiring in place. Then decide on device later