Do you allow real (wood) fires in fireplaces at STRs?

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In the process of purchasing a log-cabin in a National Park that has several nice fireplaces. Curious whether people allow fires, and also whether they provide firewood. 

We allow wood fires.  Our cabins with real wood-burning fireplaces are very popular.  We typically provide a small bundle of firewood.

I have one cabin with a real fireplace and I do provide firewood through the wood burning season.  The reason I provide it is because this cabin is up on a knob off of Cove Mtn overlooking the valley.  Like most cabins with a view like this one has, you have some steep roads to get to it.  If we get snow or ice my guests may get stuck up there an extra day.  If they lost power in a storm they would not have heat without the fireplace.  I would hate for that to happen so I just provide the firewood.

No indoor fires.  I built several metal outdoor firepits for my larger places and stock them with wood.  Some tenants of mine also bring in truck loads of pallets to burn.  It's a 4'x4' pit so the pallets fit in there pretty good.  The fire department got called out there last month.  I read about it in the newspaper.  "False alarm to a controlled burn."  They told the tenants to not let the fire get too big.  It was probably 6' tall.  Pretty sure beer was involved.

Nope. Old house with a beautiful fireplace, but I just did not want the risk. So I put in an electric heat unit with fake flames. Looks pretty nice and provides heat too. Beer/spirits will always be involved in a vacation rental situation, so too much to go wrong. Plus one more thing to clean.

If you want to cut down on actual wood fires, consider purchasing fire logs.

I use a brand that actually crackles so it sounds more like a fire. They don't make any mess, are easy/safe to store in a closet, and burn for a couple hours which is more than enough. The small amount of ash can be sucked up by a cleaner using a vacuum.

Buy them in bulk for additional savings. I think I spend less than $2 a log.

@Dave Stokley people who are renting a rustic cabin with wood fireplaces are going to expect to be able to use them. Just keep the they chimney cleaned and well maintained. Fires are the result of lack of maintenance more than misuse. Also be aware the type of wood you burn will affect how clean it burns. This could be a good reason to provide wood so you control what get's burned.

@Paul Sandhu  some pallets have insect treatment that release toxic chemicals when burned and they are stamped MB, so I wouldn't stand too close to the fire if they are burning that type of pallet.

The amount of people that come to get a wood fire going and then sit in the hot tube is really high. I think even more so during the fall. I don't provide wood, but i give folks info on where to buy it. I know most in Oct-Dec are getting a wood fire going.