Short term renting in South East Michigan

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Any agents or short term rental (STR) companies in South East Michigan area?

May wife and I live in MD and we are Looking for a second home in Oakland or wayne County. Something faily close to the in-laws who live in West Bloomfield. Area that allow STR is preferred so it can be rented out when not in use.

@Kwame Knights best bet is to look into those counties and what their rules are for Airbnb. What is your criteria for your Airbnb other than being close to in-laws ? On a lake? Close to a college?

@Bob Lett lake/water front ideally and close to some sort of attractions. 3br 2ba or something with value add play.

I started researching municipalities but that task got a bit daunting. So I figure I'd see if there's any investor minded agents out there that already did the research and can find me a property.

@Kwame Knights Waterford/Village of Clarkston would be 1 good option. Clarkston has a lot of great restaurants, close to a major concert venue and also near a ski area for a winter weekend attraction.

St. Clair shores would be further east but another option with great sunrise views.

West Bloomfield has a lot of Great Lakes with beautiful golf courses close by.

@Alaina Korreck may be able to help you out with an STR in that market.