Solutions for guests locking the door inside

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Hi, STR Investors,

One quick question: what is your solution to prevent guests from locking the door from the inside without keys when they leave? Yesterday, the cleaning team spent several hours trying to drill the lock open. 

I usually put several tapes on the lock from the inside below the deadbolt (which is a smart lock) to prevent them from locking the door when they leave. But some guests took off the tape and locked it anyway when they left. I assume they did this because some families feel unsafe only having a deadbolt to lock the door and the deadbolt can be opened remotely by someone else. They probably forgot to turn the notch back on the lock when they left. 

So, what are the best solutions you all use to prevent this from happening? Now, I am trying to use a door knob that can't be locked below my smart lock and then install a chain door guard from inside. 

All inputs are appreciated!


Bottom knob needs to be a closet knob or drill out the existing. You only have to go through that once before you get upstream :) 

Replace the door knob that has a keyhole with one that doesn’t and just use your smart lock deadbolt as the lock. There are many types out there but I like the schlage encode and I’ve never had an issue like this with it. Have a set of backup keys in a lockbox outside the property in case the battery dies.

Yup happened to us as well...only once.  We do like most others have stated.

1) Smartlock deadbolt
2) A passage (non-keyed) door knob below deadbolt (so it cannot be locked)
3) Mount a combo key box somewhere inconspicuous that has a key to the deadbolt (for emergency)
4) Cleaner has a hardcopy key to every property (but still uses her personal dedicated code to enter each one)

Have not had an issue for 2.5 years.  

My Smart lock is actually on the door knob section of the door. The deadbolt is one that you can turn from the inside and you need a key from the outside. This way the guests can lock the deadbolt from the inside which can’t be opened remotely. Just in case something funky happens, I have a lock box which has keys for the guest to use in an emergency including one to open the deadbolt and one to manually open the smart lock. I have only had to give the code to that lockbox one time and I think it’s because they locked the deadbolt, then went out a back door (which I still think had to have been unlocked) but they were at the front door unable to open it.

I have a Yale smart lock on the deadbolt, and the locksmith suggested that he rekey the doorknob so that any key would open it.

I second the use of the Schlage Encode.  It's a good lock that doesn't require a hub (direct wifi access through an app).  Replace bottom lock with a closet door knob.  

We have a Schlage Smartlock as the lower (main) lock, then a standard deadbolt in the normal top position. I'm guessing some guests will want the extra security. I have a lockbox around the side of the house with a key to that deadbolt, the override key for the Smartlock and a key for the padlocks to the 3 gates on the property.

The lockbox is intended primarily for my use, but could also be used by a tradesman. I gave one guest the code to it so they could get the padlock key and store their mountain bikes in the back yard......