AirBNB/VRBO Cleaning Services - Irons/Manistee, Michigan Area

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Hi all!

Our team is looking for recommendations on cleaning services in the Manistee/Irons, MI area capable of tackling our AirBNB listings. So far we have two properties (Yes, in Irons and in Manistee) with a third on the way. We've put feelers out online (like but haven't received any responses. One of our team members who lives in Michigan has agreed to take on the cleaning/turnover themselves, but we know this isn't a sustainable business model.

For those of you in the area doing AirBNB/VRBO, how are you managing turnover? Any recommendations or ideas are appreciated! 

Thanks in advance!

My cabin is also remote- I found my cleaner through my realtor.  You likely won't find your answer on the internet, FB marketplace is a good start, but I found all my help up there through referrals and picking up the phone.  My septic guy knew my lawn care guy, my lawn care guy connected me with a maintenance guy, my neighbor connected me with a plumber etc.  My cleaner is my eyes and ears between stays, she basically runs the show.   

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