Buying STR in Poconos

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I want to buy my first STR in Poconos. Cash flow numbers seem to be working for some of the properties I'm looking on Zillow. I would love to connect with someone who has experience in STRs in Poconos region. Reading through some old forums, it seems that jurisdiction laws are not favorable for investors in some area but I wasn't able to comprehend it completely.

Also if you can recommend a good real estate agent that understands investors, that would be really helpful.

@Gagandeep Singh I own a property in Tobyhanna in the heart of the Poconos. I'm planning to STR in it soon. Two of my neighbors are already actively doing airbnb with some success.

What's your budget? What are your goals?

I'll try to connect you with some of my contacts in thr area.

Thanks @Ryan Chatman . I am looking for a 3-5 bedroom house, and would like to stay under 300k depending upon the property and location. This would be my first rental investment, so the goal is positive cash flow and gain experience in STR ownership.

I would really appreciate your contacts and insights on deal analysis. 

I'd be curious to hear more folks' thoughts on this part of the question:

> it seems that jurisdiction laws are not favorable for investors in some area but I wasn't able to comprehend it completely

Does anyone have any specific examples of municipalities cracking down on STRs?

One I can share, is a neighboring township to our place recently banned STRs:

@Jason Stoltzfus - In Coolbaugh Township (Tobyhanna/Pocono Country Place) they are just asking to register the rental and pay fees. And yes my property is in an HOA, they just want you to register and pay a fee for the STR. They aren't outrageous fees, just been nickel and dimed a bit.

I'm not seeing a "crack down" of sorts in my neighborhood. I think they are enjoying the fees charged to guests for amenities too much to create measures to block STRs.

Also if I was purchasing another property in the neighborhood I would find a deal that could also work as a long term rental. That way you have a plan B in the case that something shifts and a STR ban happens. Tons of NYC transplants are seeking rentals in the poconos (especially the cities off of I-80). You can look up this growth on many news outlets. With the amount left on our mortgage, we could profit either doing LTR or STR, but the latter is the best move for us right now to maximize profit.