Kernville for short term rental

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Does anyone have an STR in Kernville? I'm thinking of investing there and want to explore if it's possible to independently manage the property vs a management company. How is it finding trustworthy and reliable house cleaning and a maintenance person?

@Rod Oliver I’m highly interested in Kernville as well, planned on starting over there in the next few months.

Kernville is small, but people love the Kern River. It shouldn’t be a problem assembling a cleaning team there, but may be tougher to assemble right now with the unemployment thing going on. Just a guess. But I know they’ve got hard workers over there.. A lot of the Kern River activities are featured there (rafting with an instructor, rafting supply stores, etc.) as well as a brewery.

Do you mind me asking where you’re located? Never thought I’d hear another person ever say they were interested in Kernville as well!

Hi @Chrissy Posney ! Thanks for the feedback! I’m in LA. I love going up to camp and fish up there and at Isabella so I want to find a place that I can use and rent it out when I’m not using it. I love it up there! I love Kern River brewery. Check out cracked egg up there too if you’ve never been!

@Rod Oliver , I have a portfolio of long term rentals in the communities around Lake Isabella. There are only two property managers in the area and I don't think either handle short term/vacation rentals at this time. 

We turned one of our homes into a vacation rental this summer and it has done really well.  We are going to be converting others as they become vacant. We have a small cabin with the long term tenant moving out at the end of this month. That will be our second short term rental in the area. 

It is not easy to find reliable help. I have solid team in place for now but I am dreading having to find other reliable cleaners as we expand. 

@Rod Oliver , I had to try many different people before finding people that were trustworthy and reliable. I had supplies and tools stolen in the process.  I have projects that are behind because I am dreading looking for another maintenance person to help out. There are cleaning people that advertise locally, but their fees are pretty steep. I try to keep the cleaning fee reasonable.