A question on cleaning beddings for Airbnb

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Hi, STR investors

I have a question on cleaning bedding sets and would appreciate your inputs:

Currently, I have bedding sheets set like this: mattress protector, fitted bedding sheet, flat bedding sheet and a comforter on top of it. We also have a fleece blanket for each bed. Because comforters can be bulky, it is almost impossible to wash all comforters for a house with 4 bedrooms within a couple of hours each time. So, what we did is to wash only bedding sheets and pillow cases for each batch of new guests, and only wash comforters and blankets when necessary. We used to use duvet covers to protect comforters, but our cleaning team complained that it takes forever to put the duvet covers back on. So, my questions are: 

(1) Is it acceptable to wash comforters and blankets only when necessary?

(2) What are your solutions?

Thanks in advance!


So the short answer is yes in my opinion. You can alternate every other time or so. 

You could also have multiple sets of these and take them off site to wash as you have extra.

Does your cleaner handle other vacation rentals and if so, how do they handle this on other properties?

For the summer you can use a lighter weight comforter so they can be washed and dried quicker.

Have 2 sets of everything.  I used to fly a small airplane.  It had 2 alternators, and you can switch back and forth.  It's kind of difficult to replace an alternator while in the air.

Hi @Leon Lee ,

I have 2 sets of sheets so our cleaner can take bedding with them if they need more time. I have been noticing that hotels have started putting top sheets on top of their comforters for quick turn around. It serves the purpose of a duvet but less time consuming. I have also stayed in a couple hotels that offer dog sheet and towels to be used. I will be starting these practices with my worn-out towel and sheets. 

Best of Luck,

Amanda Dallman

I highly recommend using duvet covers and having a second set so that the housecleaners can wash the duvet cover after each guest.  We manage a lot of properties in San Diego County and some of our rentals are vacation rentals.  Our standard practice is to use duvet covers when possible.