Cleaning STRs with 30 day min stays?

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@Jessica Wainscott Same for us. We plan to clean it at the end and are willing to clean mid-way for a charge if it's requested! Whatever agreement you end up making, be sure your guests are on the same page to keep expectations clear! 

Good luck!

We clean it when they move out.  3 weeks to 3 months are 90% of my stays.  All places are stocked with cleaning supplies (vaccuum, trash bags, cleaning solutions, mop, bucket, etc.).  Sometimes the places are left just as clean as they were when they first moved in.  Look at a person's vehicle.  That's a good indicator of how they will treat your place.  

@Jessica Wainscott We used cleanings on longer stays as an excuse to get in there and make sure trash was out of the unit, no dead bodies, and things were generally good to go.

I imagine it just depends on your clientele.

@Alex S. that is exactly what I was thinking.  I would like to be able to get in there if they have an extended stay to check on things and make sure the tenants were at least keeping up with trash and simple cleaning.

Since short term rentals are just different than hotels from a staffing & operational standpoint, you should be fine with just a clean once they have vacated the property. If they want someone to clean up they can always request it and pay extra for it!