Airbnb ambassador, to apply or not?

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Hi, STR fellow investors

I got an email from Airbnb saying that I am qualified to apply for Airbnb ambassador. Should I apply? What are pros and cons applying for this role?

Any thoughts are welcomed!


I think you have to wear a crown or some kind of royal robe when you meet tenants.

I got invited a year ago when they started. Never bothered. I don't spend my time trying to convince other people to become airbnb hosts. Seems like a lot of hoops to jump through just to get a higher referral bonus.

I am an AirBnB Ambassador...I guesss... :)

I have referred 1 person and they were doing it anyway, but used my link. I don't think I'll qualify for Ambassador of the Quarter. AirBnB sent me $720 for my efforts.

They've now dropped that number to $475 it looks like. You get $47 as well.

If you are about to build an AirBnB listing...I'm your man!