Austin Texas Short Term Rental Permits

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Hey BP,

Does anyone know if the city is issuing the non-owner-occupied STR permit, which Austin calls 'Type 2'? I am looking to purchase a property to STR but want to make sure it goes along with current regulations. The city site is not very helpful on how many permits are available or if they are even issuing these anymore. Thanks in advance!

Originally posted by John Underwood:

Try calling the office that issues the permits to see if you can get one for that property.

I feel like in the age of the internet forums, people have moved away from more efficient ways of answering questions. Going directly to the source is always the best method to get accurate information. 

A quick Google search and I found this ordinance for STR in Austin:

These instructions and link for applying for a permit:

This email address for questions:
[email protected]

This phone number for questions:


Would someone's second home be considered as a Type 1 short term rental ? The wording on the website is a little confusing in regards to "owner occupied", what if the owner occupies the property for 14 days in a year. Would it still be Type 1 ?