Campton NH Airbnb Metrics

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Hey all. Looking at getting into the short term rental game in the Campton, NH area. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this there, what kind of occupancy rate and price fluctuations they experience, cost minimization tips, etc. 

Hey @Jon Miller congrats on deciding to jump in. That's a fantastic nook of the state to get into the STR rental game in. Given its proximity to all year round attractions, and that its easy access to Boston off 93. Do you currently live in or are familiar with that area? I grew up just south east of there in Enfield, So I can speak to the attractions and the area in general if that would be value added.

Hi Michael. Thanks! I'm excited about it. I'm from New England, but very familiar with that area given the amount of skiing and summer traveling we do around there. That's part of why I'm interested in that particular spot. Specifically Waterville Estates. I'd imagine the Airbnb occupancy rate there is pretty solid, just need to make sure my numbers work out before I jump into something.

@Jon Miller check out Airdna and Rabbu to see data on the NH market by a specific address. Also make sure STRs are legal with a quick google search (campton NH airbnb short term rental laws). If you end up acquiring a property and going the self-managing route, happy to pass along more info. Good luck!

Hey Jimmy, thanks for the help! That is excellent to know. Airbnb is definitely legit in the area, a few of the condos in the complex are listed. Rates seem reasonable, biggest detriment seems to be cleaning services which may be tough to get for less than $90-100/hr. My biggest concerns are heating efficiency and occupancy, but since that location is equidistant to 3 major ski resorts and 2 minor ones, a number of breweries, and some of the biggest and best hiking in New England, I figure occupancy should be steady at least.