Airstream / RV insurance for Airbnb

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Hey Gregory!  Im a huge fan of Proper Insurance.  They have a short term rental specific program that saved our bacon.  We had a guest try to sue us for rigging up their own second hammock and swinging on it while drunk.  Needless to say they hurt themselves and try to claim it was our fault.  Proper Insurance swooped in and took care of us.  Definitely worth the extra money.  They aren't the cheapest but they certainly give you piece of mind.

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@Jefferson Brown thanks for that. I'll give them a call. I assume in that situation the insurance that Airbnb provides wasn't adequate? 

Airbnb actually did help out in this particular case but we were lucky they booked on Airbnb.  We also had some wind damage that occurred on the property and Properly took of that too.  Very easy to work with.  I definitely got more from them than I spent.

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@Jefferson Brown interesting, I've only use Airbnb and assumed their insurance would be adequate. May also look into additional insurance.

I DEFINITELY recommend getting a vacation rental specific insurance.  If your house burns down while a guest was there most insurance companies won’t cover it if they find out you were renting short term.