Home Inspector for STR investment

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I'm in the process of buying a short term rental investment property in Citrus ridge Kissimmee near Disney area. Does anyone have a recommendation for home inspector from the area ?

I followed a home inspector for a relative that was buying a house in my town.  It's a joke.  This is what they did.  Put one of those circuit tester things in all the GFCI outlets.  Made sure the windows didn't leak. Made sure the sinks and tubs didn't leak.  Looked at the roof from the ground for missing shingles.  That's it.

Pillar to post is a great recommendation with Jeff Mackey.  He is a sponsor for Orlando Real Producers and his team does a phenomenal job.  

Be warned they aren't cheap.  Its anywhere from $400-1200 depending on the level of the inspection you get.  I HIGHLY recommend one with a thermal imaging scan to detect moisture collection behind walls and roofs.  

If you want some other recommendations Inspections123 with Brody (cheaper)


Xspect Inspections (Mid range)