STR MVP's // What are your must-have's ?!

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What are the things you WISH you'd known to include in your first Short Term Rental? Looking for advice on any MUST HAVE products/items.

What camera's are you using?

Best keyless entry device? 


What is your TV/entertainment setup? 

Anything else that adds to the experience that guests rave about? 

Ring floodlight cameras

Schlage encode or whatever your local handyman feels comfortable with

Towels/bedding-whatever my cleaners recommends in that particular market

Streaming services if available, dvd/blue ray player

Honestly just proper auto messaging through your Management software takes care of most items and makes the guest feel like they are being checked up on.

A Smart TV, gas or charcoal grill, some outdoor entertainment (horse shoes, fire pit, archery or pellet gun range).

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Hi Kate,

Here are some items:

- Propane grill anchored into the ground so guests can't move it

- We buy DVDs at garage sales and do that instead of cable and also get a Smart TV with HDMI so guests can bring their Roku or Fire stick

- Boardgames and puzzles

- Schlage Encode wireless lock.  Make copies of the physical key and put it in a key safe in case there is an electronic failure of the lock so the guest can still get in.

- CO alarms, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and escape ladders if its more than 1 story

Hope that helps.


Hey @Kate Zieverink, so I spent a ton of time researching so we basically did everything right the first time.

One thing I highly recommend is make the kitchen the best. Our place is stocked to the gills. You can cook just about anything in our kitchen. We have a ton of small appliances, knives, spoons, etc. Don't skimp.

We don't have any cameras at the moment.

Schalge Encode on Z Wave.

Towels - Costco Grandeur Hospitality. Great white towels. They don't shed much and look great after 5 years. They go on sale about every 2 months. Washcloths are less than a buck a piece. Towels about 3 bucks or less.

Bedding - Kohl's Big One sheets in white. The 70/30 cotton/poly blend made in Pakistan. They are a percale weave which I highly recommend over sateen weave. Much more durable, crisp and easy to keep clean. Comforters are the Costco Charisma microfiber units. They are excellent. They hang great on the beds, look awesome and wash up great. Plus they are cheap when on sale. Under $20 for king size.

We have TCL Roku TV's. No cable or dish setup. Streaming only. No complaints in 5 years.