Idea on Snow removal?

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One of our STRs was not open for business yet last winter. When the first snowstorm hit while I was remodeling, I found out that the city does not plow all the side streets, only the main arteries.....

So now we're open for business and I'm trying to develop a strategy for this coming snow season....I can't have guests showing up and not able to get to the property, and I cant require 4WD for all guests. I really don't want to take a tractor down there every time it snows and clear the roads every time it snows, but that may be the best option for now....?

Fortunately our place is the first house on the left as you turn onto this side street, but that still means they will have to drive at least 200 ft . There is driveway parking as well as on the street.

I asked a next door neighbor who also has a STR, she said she doesn't do anything, just offers to come pull them out if they get stuck.....

Buy a small skid steer and deduct it from your taxes. I got a Deere 90 for $3800.

How many snowfalls do you have during the winter?  How deep does it typically get?  You might be able to hire a landscaper person to clear the roads for you.  Is it hilly there in that 200 ft?  steep slope?

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Ha, I like the guests do it themselves idea....part of the adventure....!

Although we are a mile high, it snows just a half dozen times a year and then is 60 d the next day. Usually. But there was a snow last year that stuck around for 10 days, about 1-2 ft deep. We occasionally get more according to neighbors. Completely flat terrain around the area.....

@Bruce Woodruff Are there snow removal companies in your area? Here in Buffalo we can contract with one of many firms who will plow for a flat rate or a “per push” rate from November to April.

Out of curiosity, what does your STR agreement state w/re: to snow removal? I ask only from a liability stand point, obviously you would like to mitigate any slip and fall risks as much as possible.