Channel Manager and Smart Lock integration

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We are converting some long-term rentals over to short-term right now. We are choosing both a smart lock and channel manager. We'd like the channel manager to integrate with the smart lock for generating codes automatically for guests.

So far, our top choice for locks is Erentallock (because it doesn't rely on wifi and doesn't have an ongoing subscription charge) but the website isn't very clear on how it may be able to integrate with a Channel Manager such as Your Porter App. 

Anyone have any experience in this area? Just looking for feedback on if it can be done and how smooth the integration is.




If you go with a good smart lock such as Schlage or kwilset that supports zwave you can use a SmartThings hub to control the locks.  Then you purchase an app called rental lock Automator from Rboys and it connects to your channel manager.  Sets and removes codes automatically and works like a champ.  

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@Sheena R Roth lot of XP in this area. ERentalLocks uses algorithmic locks, which means their website has a paired algorithm to their locks so it can generate a random code for a specific use case like a one time code, time limited code, permanent code, etc without the lock having any connection at all. It’s a unique technology that I believe is only replicated by a few others companies like ResortLock or newer players like Igloo. 

The challenge with these locks is that if you need to terminate or remove a code after the fact you’re SOL: the code duration or use case is locked in and since the “locks don’t talk” back to the Internet there’s no way to remove/change the code after the fact unless you use their local USB stick which acts, similar to a ZWave/wireless SmartHub to sync codes back and forth to another device (like your PC or phone) through the Internet to their system. 

There’s a lot of ways you can approach this: from the direct sync to a WiFi lock to property management system like Porter (with fees), Schlage’s own key generation subscription service, or through use of a SmartHub system to act as the “intermediary” between your phone and your lock. 

WiFi smart locks are great b/c they’re a one-and-done install, but have the downside of needing frequent battery replacements due WiFi using a lot of energy vs something like ZWave to a hub (that’s very low energy like Bluetooth). 

A few sites and resources I’ve found in this space that might be helpful:

More recently, there’s a push in this space to have smart locks that don’t actually look like smart locks. It’s a neat idea, though the dependency on mechanical actuators for deadbolt style locks could be a challenge if you’re installing in older doors where alignment or fit may not be perfect: