How much notice required for non-renewal of lease in Alabama?

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How much notice is legally required for landlords to give tenants when they are not renewing a 12-month lease in Alabama?

It is typically 30 days. My standard lease that originate thorough a local realtor association lists 30 day notice. Here is link to answer to most questions. This discusses lease lengths. Follow either of the links to end of lease and it talks about a 30 day notice on a 30 day lease. I hope this helps.

Yep, when the annual lease expires it goes month to month.  30 days is all that is required.

Is a landlord in Alabama required to give any notice that they are not renewing an annual lease? I know 30 days is required in a month to month, and other states have varying timelines as well.

If the 12 month lease is coming to an end, does the landlord have to give notice of non-renewal, or does the lease just end?

If the lease is not an automatically renewing lease, you are not required to give notice of non-renewal. BUT, it is a good idea to give 30-days notice, in order to avoid misunderstandings and problems. In my experience, most tenants believe they can simply go month-to-month at their discretion, and the landlord just has to live with it. If your tenant believes that and stays in possession, you will either have to wait 30 days for them to move out, or file an eviction lawsuit and possibly wait longer than 30 days if everything does not happen as quickly as it possibly can.

No reason needs to be given for non-renewal. 

BUT, if you want to avoid a Fair Housing complaint, it might be a good idea to have a reason and communicate it to the tenant.  Otherwise, a tenant in a protected class might assume you have a discriminatory reason for not renewing, file a complaint against you, and then you'll have to deal with it. Even if you have a perfectly legitimate reason (bad payment history, property being sold, owner letting a child live there, etc.) you still have to deal with the complaint process and investigation, and the possibility of other charges being made against you if other things come to light.

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