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Hi everyone! I have experience in Stock investing and FOREX trading but I am completely new to real estate wholesaling. However, I have the knowledge for real estate wholesaling but I have not landed my first deal. I am from Montgomery, AL and have superior knowledge of the area which I find as an advantage because I lived on all sides of the town. On the other hand, it's just that finding and landing my first puts me out of my comfort zone. Any help or mentors would be appreciated a lot!

@Javaris Lewis Welcome to the site! There is a ton of information on here and some really good contacts to be made. Stay active on here and keep networking. If I can help at all please let me know. 

@John Mathewson thanks! I have a few questions to ask. Like, how did you get started? Do you need a license or LLC?

Hi Javaris, I know you posted this some time ago and may have already found your answer. But you do not need to be licensed in order to wholesale. I would go to your state site to get a better understanding of your real estate laws. Also, you do not need an LLC but it would be in your best interest to form one. This forum as well as youtube is where I learn valuable information. Check out wirecoaching on youtube. Has some good tips from a seasoned investor

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