Alabama and Tax Deeds

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Originally posted by @Ebony King :

@David Henson Did you find an attorney to quiet the title for you?

I did not.  I couldn't find a single Alabama RE attorney that didn't abide by the three year holding rule.  They all thought that I was misinformed, no matter how well I explained the logic from here.  It was very frustrating, to say the least.


@Denise Evans Hi Denise. I love your responses. They are very helpful. Can you refer me to an active attorney in AL who is familiar with AL Tax Sales?

I'm in the process of purchasing a AL tax deed to a residential property (Jefferson County) that is past the 3yr mark. I'm hoping to find an attorney that can perform a QTA in rem immediately once I receive the tax deed.


@Denise Evans Hello Denise,

Your posts have been very helpful. I am in the preliminary stages of finding and buying tax deed properties in southern Alabama. Could you refer some attorneys in or near the southern counties who are familiar with tax deeds and note investing? 

Philip Augustin