Can I sell land that I now hold a Tax Deed to in Alabama

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Once I am giving a Price Notice, and make the payment to the Alabama Department of Revenue Property Tax Division and received my Tax Deed for some property, more specifically a vacant lot in a now built up subdivision, can I sell to an investor or another individual whom wishes to build their own home on the lot. I know in most cases a person may own a piece of property, but in this particular instance the owner of the vacant land was a Home Building LLC company. Date of Sale to the state was 2014

There will still be another three years of judicial redemption rights. Anyone who pays a purchase price higher than the redemption amount, and anyone who builds, does so at their peril. 

Ok forgot about that aspect of Redemption. To possibly avoid that from occurring and get a Clear Title could I reach out to the Owners and see if they are even interested in the land and if not release all their "Interest" in it to me. Or is it much more effective to just conduct a Quiet Title process or another route

@Charles Jarrod Henderson - You might as well reach out to the owner.  It hurts nothing to go ahead and try to reach the owner and have him sign title over to you.  Give an incentive to sign the documents you have.  Kind of like cash for keys.   Even if the cash is the same as the Quiet title action, it benefits you to not have to wait for that action to take place.