Calera, AL Investment

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Calera is not really a good flipping market because the community is pretty much too new to have very much older product in the marketplace.  It might be good for rentals after the new overpass is completed, but right now its a nightmare even thinking about getting onto 65 at Exit 231.  I don't know school districts, but if Calera residents attend the Alabaster schools, that is a definite plus. Alabaster schools will probably overtake Hoover's, especially with the dramatic decline in sales taxes in Hoover due to the Galleria's declining sales. 

Denise that is excellent information . I currently live in Hoover so I understand exactly what you’re saying . Alabaster is certainly on the rise . It seems Calera and Montevallo are as well. Calera is consistently growing . I would like to own an investment property south of 65 and eventually move further south. I was leaning more towards rental property than flip for the very reason you stated. 

I think Alabaster has great flip opportunities. Many homes built in the 1980s or 1990s now have deferred maintenance issues, older owners who are moving out, etc. Look there, along the upper end, into Pelham. Pelham is going to be good, also, and it has more pre-WWII homes that can be rehabbed into something really charming and desirable.

@Denise Evans Hi Denise, just wanted to request an updated on this. It's been several months - how would you describe the local market currently? Has anything changed in the last 8 months? Still looking good for buy and hold? Also, looking for an agent referral if anyone can recommend a good one. 

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