Tax Lien Investing in Alabama

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I recently heard a podcast of a gentleman in Alabama who is buying tax liens, fixing up the properties to livable condition and renting out the properties.  Is this legal...I guess he will make the renters rent on a month-to-month basis in case there is a redemption....any insight into this?


It is legal(I am not an attorney and am not offering legal advice).  Just have a clause in the lease that says tenant must leave if property is redeemed.  And, document any and all property preservation money you spend.  And, be prepared to pay some extra liens that were not recorded at the time of your purchase (weed liens, etc.).

Thanks to all who responded on this question.  I'm really learning a lot about this niche!  Question that has stumped me...I've been mostly looking in Jefferson County, Alabama and have discovered how to cross reference the Default Tax list with the GIS so I can locate and study the property (YEA!).  I've learned how to focus on a specific area by the Parcel Number of the property.

Many counties in Alabama offer a viewable GIS map with Parcel Sections clearly marked...except the Jefferson County GIS.  Question:

Does anyone know where I can locate one for Jefferson County?  

I have learned that Jefferson County has 2 districts...the main one and the Bessemer one.

Thanks, in advance!

@Robert Sims I have run into the same problem with trying to view the Jefferson County GIS map, they have one but there seems to be a glitch.  What I've begun doing is cross referencing the addresses from the Tax Assessor documents and using good old Google Maps to at least view the property.  

The below link is from the city of Birmingham. It's the one I use, since I am mostly concerend about properties within the city. There is an option for the GIS map to highlight those properties which are tax delinquent. I usually have this map open, Google Maps, and the Jefferson County Tax Delinquent Property search open for cross reference and submittal for tax lien requests.