Bessemer x Amazon investing?

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Hey folks, 

Bit late to the party here but would love hear thoughts on how Amazon's new fulfillment center effects REI motivations.

My only point of comparison thus far has been Euclid, OH who will have their Amazon center open up in Spring 2019, a few months earlier than the one in Bessemer. 

-Bessemer's population is nearly half the size of Euclid's (~49k vs ~26k). 

-Bessemer is expecting nearly 500 more jobs from the opening (1,500 vs 1,000). 

-Class properties are fairly different. I'm seeing mostly C, maybe low B class properties in Euclid. Bessemer seems borderline C/D but I could be completely off here. 

-I ran some very very generalized numbers with the 1% rule and I see comparable-ish numbers with 2/3BR houses. 

What sorts of factors/analysis has folks looking at the Bessemer area done? 

Look forward to discussing! 

Schools, schools and schools in Bessemer ????????????

Try Hueytown 35023 or Mccalla 35111. Good luck.

Just drove by the Amazon building, WOW. 850,000 square feet plus all the Jobs around the Mercedes Plant in Vance Al which is about 25 minutes down the road.

Good luck. JP