City storm drain behind potential property. Avoid?

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Hi. We are considering purchasing a 3/2 SFH for BRRR. Numbers are there but there is a City storm drain behind the property. There is a chain link fence along the property line blocking access but pretty easily climbable. Would this be an issue for tenants in a B+ Property?


@Ian, What's the ROI and how much equity are you gaining these need to be strong enough that they offset the storm drain. How big is the back yard, could you plant Leyland Cypress trees to cover the negative aspects, of put up a privacy fence? It is a negative for resale and especially if it's an eyesore. Make sure to get an elevation certificate of a creek is involved to make sure you aren't in a flood plane. If you can mitigate the cosmetics and safety items I wouldn't lose a good deal.

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