How to buy over the counter tax deeds

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I went to Birmingham courthouse and I asked them if I could buy over the counter tax deeds that were not sold and they told me that I should buy them from the state, they gave me no instructions. My question is how do buy them from the state?

You find the property you want on county GIS maps.  It will say State of Alabama as the owner.  Enter the parcel number and you will be e-mailed a purchase sheet.  Send in the amount of money listed on the letter and the state will send you a deed.  But, be careful, there are usually weed liens, etc. that have not been paid.  The local court house will have that info.

@Cody Mina , the state-owned lists are on the Alabama Department of Revenue website, at

You search by county. Jefferson County properties appear in two places, at #1 for Jefferson/Birmingham and at #68 for Jefferson-Bessemer. is a subscription service for $30 per month per county that is an overlay over the GIS maps. The parcels are color coded  depending on things like "on the state inventory" or "on the list for this year's auction" and "went through prior auction and investor owned" and similar things. Not those exact words, but those types of properties.

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