Wholesaling a property with a tax lien in Alabama

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I am a wholesaler in Alabama, & I have a house that I can get under contact at a good price. The homeowner is out of state, & the property has been vacant for about 2 years.

I ran a preliminary title search, & found that the property has a State of AL tax lien for about $600, if redeemed before 09/30/19. Basically, if the home owner could pay the $600 in taxes before that date, he could sell the property & transfer the title free and clear.

The problem is that he is unable to pay the the tax balance due.

Is there a way that I can structure the deal so that the $600 tax payment can be paid before or at closing by the end buyer, creating a clear title that can then be transferred?

I have not invested in tax lien properties i the past because of Alabama's "detailed" redemption laws, so any help would greatly appreciated.

Hi Lorenzo,

If it is a tax lien and not a deed this could be as simple as paying the past due property taxes at closing. If an investor has bought the tax lien and taken possession of it, this could make things more complicated.