What is an over looked niche in Alabama?

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What is an over looked niche in Birmingham, AL that has been "proven" to be lucrative? It has got to be at least something that no one else is doing which is almost impossible.

“Over looked” and “proven to be lucrative” is self contradictory. There is no secret waiting to be discovered. 
But, the most “over looked niche”....put in the work to get an education, work hard, build a career or business, earn enough money to have extra money to invest and invest smrat....this “niche” doesn’t work quickly. 

@Tony Marcelle

100% what Wayne Brooks said.

A lifetime of hard work, savings and working your long term plan in real estate investing is the most overlooked method to gain wealth.

Too many are looking for a magic pill or short cut.

More people would be successful in life not just real estate if they worked a life long plan.

Hi @Tony Marcelle

In general, I would say that the entire state of Alabama, and especially Birmingham, is an overlooked investing niche - low cost of living, more accessible housing market, and seeing lots of growth. This doesn't mean all areas or all properties are a great investment, but as a whole, the state has a lot of fantastic opportunities. No investment is “proven” but with a little research and time, you’ll almost certainly find a lot of lucrative investment opportunities in Birmingham.