Montgomery, Alabama

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Due to a cruel twist of fate, I will be relocating to Montgomery in about 2 weeks, and have been researching the area/state.

Is anyone aware of an REI club in Montgomery or Prattville or the area? I can't find one anywhere on the interwebs...

Also, I've been trying to find property tax info online for Montgomery. No luck-Montgomery doesn't seem to be "online" yet (big surprise, I know). This doesn't bode well....

On the bright side, real estate and taxes there are dirt cheap.

I was stationed at Maxwell there for a while back in my days of Military service. Yes there are some great investments in the area.

I however, never found any clubs. The only person I could have pointed you in the direction of, unfortunately suffered a major heart attack about a month ago and has left us.

If you have questions about the area, my knowledge is a smidge over a decade old there, but I still have contacts in the area if you need some references.

Good luck! Just remember Montgomery County has NO DRAFT BEER. Except for the Montgomery Brew Pub and the Air Force bases, it is Dry on Sunday and no draft beer.

Oh, when you get there, can you tell me if there are still 3 Waffle Houses within a mile there on the Eastern Blvd there at I-85 heading south toward Vaughn road? I always thought that was funny.

Lost Sailor,

I receintly moved from Maxwell AFB, I lived in Prattville, last year. We bought a brand new construction in Jan 2004 and sold when we got orders to Maryland in Feb 2006. We purchased for 129 and sold for 158. The area was booming last year, and it was the second fastest growing in Alabama only behind Birmingham.

I don't know of any clubs, but if you want I had a really good real estate agent I can send you her info. She worked for ERA Weeks and Browning. Maybe she will have a lead for you.

By the way as of 2005 Montgomery county does have draft beer and sundays is just as a good a day to drink beer now as any other day. The east side of Montgomery is really starting to pick up.

Montgomery also has a minor league baseball team (Montgomery Biscuits) and they built a stadium in downtown near the look out over the river, near Maxwell AFB.

If you want or need any info let me know. I don't know how much i can help with REI as at the time I was not as into it as I am now.

Sure, why does it change for the better after I leave? Maybe I should take the hint?

We had no sports when I was there, I mean there was never a way you could call Alabama State athletics exciting. ha.

If we wanted something it was either Talladega or Auburn.

Glad to hear things are hopping there. Good luck in your endeavors!

I just learned about an investment club in Montgomery not too long ago. Here's the link:

Montgomery AL Real Estate Investment Association ,generally meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each Month at 6 pm. Our main location is 120 Dexter Avenue in downtown Montgomery. Sometimes ,we meet at a sponsors facility.

Hi- the rate is about .03% CRAZY LOW!!!! 

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