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  1. Hello Bigger Pockets, My name is Heru and looking for seekers up here in the last frontier of Alaska, Fairbanks to be exact. Just getting started in real estate investing and looking for some personal touch on planing my approach and being successful regardless. Am starting a Cashflow 101 Club here in the Fairbanks Area at the public library and wanted to find like minded individuals that we may be able to take investing to another level. If anyone knows of any investors out this way, let them know that Fairbanks is ready:))). Thank you!  

@Heru Amun  Welcome! And great idea to network. I have a wholesaler that's moving to Fairbanks this week to move into a lease option he picked up. His name is Payuk Nay. There are a couple of military guys and a lady located in the Fairbanks that I've talked too. If you look at my network of who I'm colleagues and being followed by you'll see their info if you want to contact them.

Good to have you here on BP! Sorry I'm a bit late in replying to this, but I am new to the Fairbanks area and also interested in REI. I still have a lot to learn, but have been enjoying all of it so far!

When you come up with a time to meet let me know, I'm always interested in meeting other investors in the area.

Originally posted by @Stacy E. :

Hi Everyone!  I am in the middle of my first rehab here in Fairbanks.  I am interested getting to know others in the area.  

Curious to see how your first flip went?  We are looking to get started on our flip business in this area.  Would love to connect!

Fellow Investors,

There is a newer real estate Investment club In Fairbanks AK. Check it out on Meetup! The name is 907 Real Estate Investment Club.


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