RE Advisor Recommendations for South Central Alaska

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I live and invest in the Kenai and Soldotna areas. I have worked with local attorneys and accountants and am not real happy with my results. I have found that most professionals in our area are not specialized in RE and have more general practices because of the limited population. They are kind of the "Jack of all trades" of law or taxes. I understand why they do not specialize, but that does not negate the fact that I really need to some very specific advice.

Does anyone know of a good real estate attorney or accountant in the Anchorage bowl or on the Kenai Peninsula? Any referrals would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Any attorneys or accountants outside of Alaska are welcome as well as long as they are licensed in the state.

@Tyson Cox Two I recommend are Ronald Baird and Clayton Walker.

@Roy Schauer , Do you know if they have worked together? I would like to schedule a meeting with both parties to help decide what legal entities will offer the most protection, tax advantages, and ease of daily use for my personal situation. I appreciate your recommendations. Thx

I do not know if they've worked together. Ron handles mainly real estate transaction, not so much entity creation. Clayton has more going on in that arena. There are a couple more attorneys you might want to research for because they specifically focus on asset protection. I misunderstood and thought you were looking for an attorney that dealt with real estate documents and transactions.

@Roy Schauer , thanks for the referrals. I may also be looking for real estate attorneys who specialize in documents and transactions for an upcoming deal. It just depends if it can go traditional bank financing or not.

FYI, our company currently controls 15 properties. Of those, none are through a bank and two are with hard money lenders. The rest has been acquired with private lenders and creative financing. Just saying there are other ways to handle real estate than through the bank. The only reason I let banks get involved are for helping the private lenders set up HELOC's to fund our deals.

If it comes to that, I would love to be able to pick your brain a bit. What kind of terms are you typically able to get?

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