New Investor how are people finding deals?

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I'm a new investor in Alaska and I'm curious what markets people are looking in and how they are acquiring their deals.  I have been looking through listings and nothing seems to be that right fit.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

@Sean Keating

The MLS is a great place to start but if you've exhausted it, here's a couple more places to try:

1) Wholesalers - Go to some local real estate investor meetups and meet some of these guys. Try and the Bigger Pockets events section under networking. You can also search the forums here "Alaska wholesaler" and see if anything pops up.

2) Zillow has "make me move" and some pre foreclosures you can search through.

3) Craigslist still occasionally has some true FSBO properties. Just have to look for them.

4) This site has some interesting stuff sometimes. Haven't tried it in Alaska yet though

5) Bigger Pockets has a marketplace section

6) Driving for dollars - drive around looking for distressed properties. Knock on the doors. If it's vacant, knock on the neighbor's door.

That's all I have for the moment but someone else here can probably give you another 6 if you need them. Good luck!